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Office Corridor Talk


Take a look at what some of our trusted clients have to say about
working with us. We invite you to submit your own success story

Avent Diversity Consultants have been instrumental in providing expertise as we have designed our inclusion and diversity strategy at Sheetz. 

Their insight, intuition and collaboration have been critical, additive and productive, as we have embarked on this incredibly important work for our employees, our customers and our communities. 

Stephanie Doliveira, VP HR/Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility Executive Sponsor

Daillard Paris, Director Petroleum Supply/Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility Initiative Co-Lead

Erin Matosziuk, Director Talent Development/Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility Initiative Co-Lead


It was a pleasure to work with Dr. Avent and her team of talented and professional experts.

They contributed a high-level of understanding on the subjects of diversity, equity and inclusion issues, and helped us deliver a really inspiring program for our community. It was truly a rewarding and enjoyable experience to get to know them -- and our team learned a lot in the process.

Debbie Drell,  Director of Membership


Again, thank  you for  who you are and the head and heart you bring to helping us transform our communities.

The work we have done together in such a short time could serve as the  basic foundation for building out a fuller model  for those agencies truly interested in transformation. You have the  gifts, skills, credentials, relatability, and wisdom to penetrate the work environments that so need this work.I've had years of working with various types of consultants for various types of work.

The challenge is that they often don't bring the full package of skills needed to make the work effective and sustainable-that's where I find you "unique" in the work you do and that is HUGE!

Karen A. Legato, MPS, MSW, Executive Director


"It was more a discussion than a debate which is generally rare right now."

"Being able to learn about all these issues in a setting that wasn’t set up for argument, but just in a place that allowed us to talk about what everything was and get information."

Student attendee, VA Leadership Conference

"Yolanda was awesome! She was interactive...

"...her presentation was bright, informative, and entertaining, and it was just phenomenal how she presented it to us at the SLI. A lot of the terminology that I've heard thrown around was carefully explained in an engaging manner."

Charlottesville Unmasking Series Participant

"I liked the social identity component of the presentation."

"I have never deconstructed my identity that much in-depth before."

VCU Student Leader

"I liked her energy and positive attitude throughout the presentation."

"She also did an amazing "job of making it fun and interactive!"

Teacher, Atloona School District

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